"A Chicago Love Story"


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Introduction & background of the EHS-eScrapbook History for
"A Chicago Love Story"
1982-1985 1982-1985: IN THE BEGINNING, "Fate, Love... & Destiny
~ I came to Chicago on a two(2) week assignment
~ I proposed to the Love of my Life, Sandee Remis
And the rest is History
1986-1989 1986-1989: 1988 Edgewater Historical Society Birth Announcement ~ We've only just Begun ~ SAR & TJD 1st Christ's Mass together ~ TJD’s IBM Sponsors David Copperfield & Eugene Burger ~ TJD & SAR Backstage w/Jay Marshall & David Copperfield ~ Passing of JKD
ARTICLES: By: Sandee Remis
  v01-1-3: History in the Making
  v01-1-5: For the Family Tree
  v01-3-2: One Year Later
  v01-3-5: Legacy
  v02-2-4: In Memoriam: Ardell E. Nickels
1990-1992 1990-1992: YEAR OF THE MAGICIAN ~ Collection of Magician signatures on blank-faced deck of cards ~ SAR interviews Jay & Fran Marshall ~ Sandee Remis World Class Committee Member ~ USA Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwon Black-Belt Center, The Way of the Hand is when I Earning my USA-TKD-MDK 1st degree Black-Belt in 1990
  v03-1-5: St. Ita Parish, The True Story
    By: Sandee Remis & Gregg Mann
  v03-2-2: Telling It Like It Was By: Sandee Remis
  v03-2-4: A Lady Takes Her Leave By: Sandee Remis
  v04-1-4: Board Previews Bob's “Baby” By: Sandee Remis
1993-1995 1993-1995: EHS-eScrapbook Birth Announcement ~ Articles by Sandee Remis ~ My Magic Animal Act w/"Polly the Parrot"
  v05-1-2: The Uptown - Waiting in the Wings
    By: Sandee Remis
  v05-3-2: Postcard Memories By: Sandee Remis
  v05-3-4: Memories of Mae By: Sandee Remis
  v06-1-3: All in the Family By: Sandee Remis
  v06-2-2: Roe's Hill Revisited
    By:Sandee Remis & Kathy Gamperlee
1996-1998 1996-1998: WAYBACK MACHINE 1st archival point (archive.org) for my website version 1.0 on AOL.com ~
Three(3) Historical Society website Birth Announcements:
EHS-eScrapbook, N.E.IL, C.N.S.H.A ~ Magic @ Colon MI ~
Birth of Red, Whitey & Bleu ~ Passing of Dusty Dwyer ~
Back stage with David Copperfield & Jay Marshall signing photographs taken of the three of us years earlier.
  v07-1-2: To Be, or, Not to Be By: Sandee Remis
  v07-1-7: Ghosts?! By: Sandee Remis
  v09-1-2: Ten Years Later By: Kathryn Gemperle
  v09-2-2: Gunther Marx: A Gem of a Jeweler
    By: Sandee Remis
  v09-2-5: Making a Difference
    By: Kathy Gamperlee & Sandee Remis
1999: ON THE ROAD AGAIN ~ Boot Hill & Bleu Dog ~ LA California Assignment @ Aerospace Corporation ~ TJD & SAR Performing magik at "The Magic Castle" in Hollywood CA ~ NYE in Chicago
2000-2001: GO-Live EHS-eScrapbook database driven version 2.0 and the domain-name www.EdgewaterHistory.org and creation of individual eMails for EHS-Board-Of-Directors and authors of articles (FORMAT: X.Xxxxx@EdgewaterHistory.org) ~ Pre-Opening EHS-Museum Hard Hat Party ~ N.E.IL Website ~ St. Ita Church reconstruction & Cardinal George, OMI, blessings ~ SAR accident ~ Edgewater Days ~ 9/11 remembered ~ SAR & TJD @ home.
  v11-2-01: The Church of Saint Ita By: Dorothy Julian
  v11-3-01: From the President:
      Hard Hat Party By: Kathy Gemperle
2002: GRAND OPENING EHS Museum ~ TJD performing magic for Charlie's Ale House fundraiser ~ A visit from Engine #59 @ the EHS Museum
  v14-1-1: From the President By: Kathy Gemperle:
Tom Dwyer, magician and computer guru was there in his Tuxedo and top hat
2003: EHS-Museum; BRASS-POLE DELIVERY & The GREAT FLOOD ~ Last Days: Rainbo Rollerscating Rink. Featuring the 1920's MOB tunnel from the RRR, under the Cemetery, to the "Green Mill" Speakeasy on Broadway & Foster. SAR & I verified by visiting the Green Mill and interviewing the holders of secrets. He took us down to the basement entrance of the tunnel. We could not go through the tunnel because the tunnel may collapse trapping us under the revenge of the Northside MOB RIP spirits. Heroes, our Chicago Firefighters @ 2712 N. Ridge 60660
  v14-3-1: From the President By: Kathy Gemperle:
Tom Dwyer, the best computer expert and web master we could have ever found
2004: The SMOKING GUN: ePirates of Edgewater Historical Society waited until SAR was on Leave of Absence" then colluded and stole my entire website. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, photographs, everything....
Larry Rosen & EHS (Betty Mayian, Kathy Gemperle, etc.) willfully Pirated/Infringed on my Intellectual Property.
Visit my site at the point of Infringement, 2004/08/24:
ARTICLES: By: Sandee Remis
  v15-1-9: How Does Our Garden Grow
2005-2009 2005-2009: SAR & TJD Tenth(10th) Year Annaversery ~ EHS Museum Garden Beginnings ~ Jay Marshall Memorial ~ TANGO, Dance of the Eternal
2006 Chicago International Tango Fest:
  2006.08.25 CI-Tango-Fest
  2006.08.25 CI-Tango-Fest #1
  2006.08.25 CI-Tango-Fest #2
  2006.08.27 CI-Tango-Fest
  2006.08.27 CI-Tango-Fest-Credits

ARTICLES: By: Sandee Remis
  v16-1-9: Gardening Grant
  v16-3-4: Flower Power
  v20-3-13: The Versatile Vehicular Chair
2010-2012 2010-2012: Library of Congress (LOC) Intellectual Property (IP) Application Filing ~ DJF (SAR's father) Garden Bench Memorial ~ 2012 ULCM Ordination
2013: Received from the LOC my IP Copyright Registration SR0000720539. Sent DMCA Take-Down Notices to EHS and their host ISP (Lunarpages.com)
2014: Book Signings for President Jimmy Carter & Cardinal George OMI ~ EHS Museum Vine Wreaths ~ Morry Matson Play
2015: REVENGE of the ePIRATES: While @ the EHS 27th Annual Home Tour in E.Andersonville 60640. I was attacked by an EHS docent and EHS-BOD-VP (ePirate). I filed CPD:HYxxxxxx
  v26-4-1: Edgewater’s First Trolley By: LeRoy Blommaert
  HISTORY: EHS Trolley Logo By: Rev. Tom Dwyer
2016 JAN-JUN: ATTACK of the ePIRATE @ EHS Museum. The Edgewater ePirate Retalliate. CPD:HZxxxxxx.
  v27-2-1: The Edgewater Beach Hotel:
    From Idea to Reality By: LeRoy Blommaert
2016-12-25: Merry Christ's Mass and Happy New Year to you all....
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